Ordensspange der UN, UNSTO

1201 20228 824

Bestehend aus:

- Ordensspange komplett mit 2 Splinten und Schnäppern auf der Rückseite

- Bandbreite 36 mm

- Höhe 10 mm


Diese Maße sind das internationale System!


United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation in Palestine

Mission began: June 1948.
Mission ongoing.

Awarded: For 6 months service with the Truce Commission in Palestine.


The following countries have provided Military Observers who are eligible for the award of this medal: Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Burma, Canada, Chile, the People's Republic of China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Nepal, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand. Those Military Observers of Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Sweden who are assigned to UNTSO as a parent mission and then detached for service with UNGOMAP are also eligible, after 90 days of qualifying service, for the award of the UNTSO medals bearing a clasp indicating service with UNGOMAP. At present, UNTSO assists and cooperates with UNDOF on the Golan Heights in the Israel-Syria sector, and with UNIFIL in the Israel-Lebanon sector.

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Miniaturschluppe der UN, UNSTO

United Nations
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Originalorden der UN, UNSTO

United Nations
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1201 21228 824 9400

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