Ordensspange NATO Einsatzmedaille, ISAF, Bronze

1201 35013 811 9400

Bestehend aus:

- Ordensspange komplett mit Auflage und Sicherheitsnadel

- Bandbreite 25 mm

- Höhe 13 mm

- Auflage mit Schriftzug ISAF, Bronze


Area of Operation: The Afghanistan JOA is delineated as the political boundaries and airspace of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) OPLAN 10302. The JOA includes Afghanistan and all neighbouring countries that have borders contiguous with Afghanistan where the force build up will be carried out and host elements of the force that provide direct support.

Qualifying Service: The qualifying period in the Afghanistan JOA is thirty 30 days continuous or accumulated service from 1 June 2003 until 31. december 2014.

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Miniaturschluppe NATO Einsatzmedaille, ISAF

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1201 26013 828 9400

Originalorden NATO Einsatzmedaille ISAF

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1201 21013 824 9400

Urkundenmappe für NATO Ehrenurkunden

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1201 71900